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The National Art Honors Society continues making art remotely

The National Art Honor Society recently held a chalk event outside to get members together safely.

Simrah Qasim, Contributor

October 20, 2020

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) held their first informational meeting. The club has been holding meetings every week and suggesting ways to continue under the circumstances. NAHS is a club for dedicated artists, and with the help of Laura Milas, the club sponsor, they were abl...

Changes for Halloween in a pandemic

Halloween will look different in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Emily Cavero, Contributor

October 20, 2020

As we continue to endure the limits of life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, new questions arise. As Oct. 31 approaches, what will look different this year due to the situation we are currently in? How is Halloween going to look in 2020? Much different than previous years. No one wants to see the spooky ...

What does a COVID-19 Halloween look like?

With rising coronavirus cases in Illinois, Halloween festivities are being altered.

Nicolas Weller, Contributor

October 20, 2020

As Halloween is rapidly approaching, parents and children are beginning to think about what it will look like, and how it would work in towns such as Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale with the ongoing pandemic.   Halloween is a holiday that is known for a few major things, such as candy and cost...

Clubs continue in spite of pandemic

Most clubs have opted to continue via Zoom given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Griffin Walsh, Contributor

October 20, 2020

Because of COVID-19, extracurriculars are being conducted on Zoom and in the classrooms while maintaining safety guidelines.   Sponsors and club presidents say they now have much more flexibility in their schedules. They can choose the time of their clubs during the week, and people can participat...

Can sports survive COVID-19?

Ann Haarlow, a second-degree black belt, practices her form in preparation for her third-degree testing in the spring at Black Belt Excellence.

Grace Thompson, Contributor

October 20, 2020

Several Hinsdale Central fall sports have been halted due to COVID-19. Close-contact fall sports like the boys’ soccer team, football, and girl’s volleyball have ceased and been postponed tentatively until spring seasons. Other fall sports which are not close-contact sports have continued, inc...

School safety procedures defined in hybrid model

Students participate in socially-distant activities in the hybrid model that started on Oct. 12.

Jacob Tamas, Contributor

October 20, 2020

On Oct. 6, Hinsdale Central nurse and two students answered questions about the safety procedures regarding the recent decision to return 25 percent of the student body to the school each day of the week excluding Wednesdays, when all students and staff will attend their respective zooms from hom...

College requirements change amidst global pandemic

College requirements have changed significantly given the coronavirus.

Gracie Stojka, Contributor

October 20, 2020

After Coronavirus hit in March, new rules and regulations have heavily influenced the college application process. Colleges are now taking into consideration obstacles that can hold students back from achieving their goals, which has its advantages and disadvantages.   Since universities w...

Poetry slam navigates through new online platform

Poetry club continues meetings virtually due to COVID.

Simrah Qasim, Contributor

October 20, 2020

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, the poetry club held their first informational meeting. The club has been communicating every week over Zoom to discuss the best way to function through a pandemic. Though classes and some sports have begun in person, some activities, including the poetry club, are continui...

Project restart; effort clear amongst complaints

Gregory Schram, a recently retired teacher, getting a drink at Starbucks, glad he isn’t still teaching.

John Hines-Shah, Contributor

October 19, 2020

Hinsdale Township’s District 86 restart plan is in full swing with students and teachers returning to the school as of Oct. 5, with mixed reactions. The school split kids into four separate groups in order to try to keep the number of students low enough to be safe. However, this is difficult on t...

Restaurant business fluctuates wildly with public’s reaction to pandemic

Since March, Clarendon Hills (above) has provided options for outdoor eating in response to the global pandemic.

Elise Butterbach, Contributor

October 19, 2020

From the months between March and October of 2020, restaurants within the Clarendon Hills area have found that the amount of business they received has changed rapidly throughout the quarantine. This has largely been a result of public opinion and fear. Initially, many local restaurants found themselves struggling, force...

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