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All of the songs in a “spring playlist” can be streamed on Apple Music or Spotify for your enjoyment.

A spring playlist for the changing weather

Spring is known for inconsistency. Some days, the weather reaches high temperatures, making the day enjoyable. Other days, the bitterness of winter returns. And most days, rain seems never ending, yet...

Easter delicacies are assorted at the Walgreens in Hinsdale, Ill, and are available at your convenience.

How to create the ideal Easter basket

With Easter just around the corner, there is a sense of urgency for creating the perfect basket. Many parents have special traditions like hiding their children’s baskets, and watching them race to find...

WHO CARES? by artist Rex Orange County can be streamed on Apple Music,  Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube Music.

Rex Orange County releases new album, WHO CARES?

Alexander James O'Connor, who is most commonly known as Rex Orange County, released a new album, titled WHO CARES? on March 11, 2022. The singer rose to popularity after the debut of his first album, Bcos...

The “Sky Lite”, a TikTok craze, lights up any room and gives it more excitement.

TikTok made me buy it

TikTok, an app used for publishing and discovering short videos, is one of the fastest growing social networks. Fashion pieces, beauty products, and gadgets constantly trend on TikTok, influencing many...

Trader Joes in Westmont, Ill., has an abundance of their “Fearless Flyer” items for sale.

Rating Valentine’s Day inspired foods

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year, as it gives us the perfect opportunity to pamper ourselves and loved ones with treats from the heart. Whether you enjoy sweet pasties, or one of a kind drinks,...

Bitter winter days are ideal for relaxation. Listening to music and having a dependable playlist can satisfy your boredom.

A winter playlist for a day at home

Whether I am studying, straightening up my room, or just relaxing, listening to music is always something that has kept me company. Snow and icy winter conditions often entail days spent at home and boredom...

The chestnut praline latte is a festive drink that sets the tone for holiday spirit.

Tasting Starbucks’ holiday drinks

Starbucks has released their collection of holiday drinks for the season, and there are plenty of options to try from.  The sugar cookie almond milk latte is a new drink this year, and it has proved...

Woodfield Mall, a shopping center in Schaumburg, lll., was swamped with eager customers on Friday, Nov. 26.

Black Friday is over, but online deals continue

Black Friday is known as the ultimate kick-off for the holiday season. Stores open at the crack of dawn, waiting for customers to arrive and begin their day of plentiful spending. Many people dedicate...

This Chicago Tribune cover  shows the Blackhawks celebrating their 2010 victory with the iconic Stanley Cup in Philadelphia.

Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault case

Kyle Beach, a former Chicago Blackhawks player, was sexually assaulted in 2010, by then-video coach Bradley Aldrich. Al MacIssac, former senior director of hockey administration, heard of the incident,...

Oakbrook Center, shopping mall in Oakbrook, Ill, presents a grand pumpkin display, exciting many for Oct. 31.

Halloween nostalgia and excitement are in the air

With Halloween just around the corner, many people are eagerly preparing for the widely-celebrated holiday. Haunted houses are open for thrills, Jack-O’- Lanterns are waiting to be carved and young children...

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