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AP exams take place May 6 through May 17.

A guide to preparing for APs

AP exams, or Advanced Placement exams, are college-level tests that allows students to potentially earn college credit if they score high enough. This year, the tests are from Monday, May 6 to Friday,...

The prom dance is on Saturday, May 4.

Students finalize prom plans

Prom: the last chance for high school seniors to attend a school dance. For many, prom is a night filled with dancing, friends, music, and is a way to finish off high school on a strong note. As prom...

Many students traveled to different places over this spring break.

Humans of Hinsdale Central: Spring Break

  What was the highlight of your spring break? “My favorite memory from spring break was looking at all my daffodils growing out on my back stoop. They are now six inches tall and they...

Third quarter ends on Friday, March 15.

Humans of Hinsdale Central: Third Quarter

How has third quarter gone, in your eyes? “Third quarter was really hard for me because it’s mostly the time people are finding out from colleges. Some of my schools don’t have a concrete...

Adding a pop of red to your outfit through sneakers or jewelry can enhance you look for Valentines Day.

Simple ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your outfit

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it can be easy to want to do anything you can to get in the spirit. However, if you are not in the mood to turn your whole life into red and pink, here are four simple...

The best way to spice up your life in the cold Chicago winter is to try a new perfume.

Five Best Winter Perfumes

Figuring out your signature scent can be a complicated feat. But as much fun as having a fragrance all year round that symbolizes you is, being able to switch out your scent throughout the seasons is a...

Winner Patrick Hsiao and escort Christina Kaufman beamed over the big win.

Introducing your 2018 Mr. Hinsdale: Patrick Hsiao

The Mr. Hinsdale Pageant took place Thursday, Dec. 6 and featured eight contestants: juniors Anthony Zayed, Joseph Cunningham, Charlie Fix, Patrick Hsiao, and seniors Nicky Armonda, Alex Perez, Kevin Hopkins,...

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches we went around and asked Red Devil students and staff about their holiday favorites.

Humans of Hinsdale Central: Thanksgiving

Thea Sankari, Writer November 21, 2018

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Michaela Malec "The turkey bowl because it’s fun to get around with the boys and toss around the pig skin," said Braden Cunniff, senior. What...

Baking is the perfect activity to do during the holidays, whether its for a Thanksgiving dessert or just for fun.

Gallery: 5 fun things to do in the Fall

With Thanksgiving approaching so is a long five day weekend. With so much time off of school it can be hard to find fun things to occupy your free time with. So, here are five fun things to do over Thanksgiving...

Staff gets in the Halloween spirit by reminiscing on favorite fall memories.

Humans of Hinsdale Central: Halloween teacher edition

With Halloween approaching, we decided to ask the teachers about their favorite Halloween memories. What is your favorite Halloween memory? Michaela Malec “My favorite memory is definitely when...

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