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Freshmen Friday: Nisreen Huzien

Freshmen Friday: Nisreen Huzien

Paige Pielet and Sanjana Srinivasan, Editor

March 20, 2015

Freshmen Friday Q & A with freshman  Nisreen Huzien Q: What's your favorite sandwich? A: Grilled cheese Q: What are your favorite shoes? A: Uggs Q: What is your favorite movie? A: In Your Eyes  Q: What are three things you would take with you if you were going to be stranded on an island? A: P...

Freshmen Friday: Sam Schiavitti

Sam Schiavitti, freshman, takes a break from the freshman square dancing unit in gym.

Julia Guglielmo and Sanjana Srinivasan, Editor

March 13, 2015

Freshmen Friday Q & A with freshman  Sam Schiavitti Q: What's your favorite thing about Central so far? A: The sporting events. I love how everyone comes together at big events. Almost everyone in the school goes. Q: What's your favorite cereal. A: Lucky Charms Q: Do you like...

Student’s passion for writing leads her to Chicago Tribune publication

Senior Riyah Basha, far right, leaps in delight with her fellow interns at the Chicago Tribune tower.

Paige Pielet

December 2, 2014

She listens to NPR podcast, Serial, instead of working on homework. This isn’t procrastination though and in fact, she is getting paid to do what she loves. This is Riyah Basha, senior, who has been writing reviews of Serial lately, which she says is “my new favorite NPR podcast that tells a t...

A social outing with the social chair

Senior Weston Berger poses in the hallway connecting to the field house, surrounded by images of cheer, something he strives to create at each of Central's student events.

Bryte Bu

November 26, 2014

As social chair, senior Weston Berger, who commonly goes by Wes, makes it his duty to inspire legitimate passion and zeal for school spirit in the student section. Despite holding such an esteemed position, there are a lot of duties that comes along with the responsibility. “As social chair, I have...

Hoyoon Kim packs hope in a bag

Senior Hoyoon Kim gives a brown bag away in Chicago during the spring event in 2014.

Brianna Ary

November 26, 2014

Three years ago, Hoseuk Kim, while interning at a Chicago Public School, grabbed lunch near his office and brought back whatever leftovers he hadn’t eaten. One day, a homeless man approached him and asked for his leftovers, to which Hoseuk Kim promptly gave him the food. As he walked away, he began...

Edmond trains in effort to achieve wrestling state title

Senior Juwan Edmond is declared winner at recent wrestling match.

Michael Claussen

November 25, 2014

Juwan Edmond, senior, walks out onto the wrestling mat for practice, knowing he needs to train harder than ever if he wants to achieve his ultimate goal – the wrestling State Title. Edmond has had three extremely successful years at Central, but lacks the championship that he has trained for. “Freshman...

Chun hypes up Red Devil Nation with videos

Steven Chun, senior, strikes a pose while showing his school spirit.

Andrew Bitautas and Sanjana Srinivasan, Editor

November 20, 2014

Steven Chun, senior, began making videos years ago for school projects and family vacations; however, now he uses his talents to entertain a much larger audience: Red Devil Nation. Chun is the man behind the camera in all of Red Nation’s popular “hype” videos that attempt to rally students...

The silent guardians of Central students

Nurses Leah Block and Cecelia Littlefield take care of students at Central.

Bryte Bu and Sanjana Srinivasan, Editor

November 13, 2014

They work tirelessly from their small office, protecting the health of the student body. They work diligently in their efforts to ensure that every student feels safe physically and mentally. They work with passion. They are the nurses at Central. “I love interacting with the students here at Hinsdale...

Scheldrup takes a hike

Daniel Scheldrup at the Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone National Park.

Julia Guglielmo and Sanjana Srinivasan, Editor

October 24, 2014

When it comes to comes to a man of many travels, Daniel Scheuldrup fits the profile. Scheldrup, a chemistry teacher who is in his third year of teaching at Central, has already made name for himself.  Over this past summer, Scheldrup was a teacher chaperone for the Earth Science Grand Canyon Trip. Alon...

Hagermoser directs her own play

Hagermoser directs her own play

Sanjana Srinivasan and Christi Carras, Editor

June 2, 2014

  This summer, Ele Hagermoser, junior, is directing a play called Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling. They play is one of her favorite shows and is about the friendship among six women who regularly gather in a beauty shop. The show takes part in four scenes, with each scene moving slightly...

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