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District 86 residents voted for various candidates to represent the school board. (Flickr)

District 86 school board election results

On Tuesday, April 4, District 86 held an election for the school board. Five candidates ran for three seats. Candidates included Kay Gallo, Catherine Greenspon, Asma Akhas, Andrew Catton, and Deborah Willoughby.  The...

Vice President Elect Kamala Harris after President Elect Joseph R Biden announced her as his running mate.

What the first woman of color vice president means for the United States

On Saturday, Nov. 2, Joseph R. Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris were declared the winners of the presidential race. This was a huge step for the United States. Harris is the first ever female or...

Assistant Regional Director Stephanie Trussell (left), junior Olivia Zelenka (right), and Ethan Austermann (center) supported the Jeanne Ives campaign by assisting donors at the computer.

Students take on congressional campaigning

As the 2020 presidential and congressional elections approached, it was common to see volunteers filling their cars with yard signs to deliver them throughout the Chicago suburbs. Junior Olivia Zelenka...

Amy Coney Barrett and Vice President Mike Pence on the steps of the Capitol before meeting with Senators Sept. 29.

Why Trump’s Supreme Court nomination is so controversial

President Trump announced on Saturday, Sept. 26 that he would nominate Federal Appeals Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. This nomination occurred shortly after previous Supreme Court...

Kanye West wears a MAGA hat for a SNL promo alongside host Adam Driver and cast member Kenan Thompson.

Questions raised over SNL’s “censorship” of Kanye

On Saturday, Sept. 29 the Saturday Night Live's cast and audience witnessed Kanye West deliver an unplanned pro-Trump speech at the end of the show. West was a fill-in musical guest for the premiere...

Since the shooting, MSDHS students such as David Hogg (pictured) have pushed for stronger gun restrictions. However, some see this as a violation of constitutional rights.

Battleground: Gun control after the Parkland shooting

Background: On Wednesday, Feb. 14, tragedy struck at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. as former student Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people and injured 14 more, making it the 11th deadliest...

A voting station for French citizens in Switzerland showcased the different candidates, featuring Emmanuel Macron prominently.

French election: How does it affect the U.S.?

The presidential election in France consisted of two rounds this year, since no candidate won the first round on Apr. 23, 2017. Emmanuel Macron won the second round on May 7 over Marine Le Pen. Since...

A high schoolers guide to the primary

A high schoolers guide to the primary

Caroline Kealy March 14, 2016

On March 15, residents of Illinois will be given the chance to vote in what many are calling one of the most important elections in years. However, even in the presence of what some may call a blight of...

Donald Trump, Republican candidate, has been running on the slogan Make America Great Again for his campaign for presidential candidate.

Confused on the upcoming election?

Mackenzie Murtaugh and Michael Claussen, Editor November 4, 2015

Nov. 3 is the national election day for state offices such as some gubernatorial and state legislation in a few states, as well as a multitude of citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and other local offices...

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