Give Fields what he needs

At the time of writing this editorial the Bears and the rest of the NFL just passed the halfway point of the regular season and to say the Bears have had a very underwhelming season this far is generous. The Bears record at the moment is 3-7 and they are ranked the lowest in our division (NFC North).

Bears fans are furious, the only promising player we have on our offense is Justin Fields, the Bears quarterback, but he has had a rough season because he is missing a lot of key components to have a successful team. The Bears have seen the playoffs in the last decade.

And they haven’t won a postseason matchup since January 16, 2011. The “rebuild” the Bears need is LONG overdue, and has been decades since we have seen any promise with a qb (quarterback) and we finally have a young qb with some promise so now would be the perfect time to start building this team to the superbowl winning team we once had.

I, and every Bears fan, want the Bears management to supply Justin Fields with offensive weapons, because the Bears have the highest cap space in the NFL (cap space meaning we have the most money to offer players in the NFL), they also have two second round draft picks, and have two 4th round draft picks, and two 5th round draft picks for the 2023 draft alone.

Giving us plenty opportunities to pick up good o-line and wide receivers. The Bears need to draft an O-line and wide receivers. The Bears have the worst o-line in the NFL. The Bears lead the league in our quarterback being sacked. Considering he is amazing at scrambling all the blame falls on the O line. The Bears also just traded away our best defensive player so our defense took a huge hit. Justin Fields the Bears QB has no good wide receivers to pass to, the Bears do not have 1 receiver in the top 25 in receiving yards.

A popular sports blog “fansided” has the Bears as the worst receiving group in the NFL. Some fans may argue that Justin Fields isn’t our franchise qb and that he is a bonafide scrub. And if you would’ve told me this last season or maybe the beginning of this season I may have agreed with you, but over the last few weeks Justin has really come into his own. He has been the highest fantasy point leader over the last two weeks,and he has rushed for 178 yards, the most by a quarterback in NFL history against the Dolphins, a serious super bowl contender team with a phenomenal defense, and the week after that Fields ran for 147 yards versus the Lions. He set a Bears record for the longest touchdown run by a quarterback with a 61-yarder last weekend and eclipsed it with a 67-yarder Sunday.

Clearly, he isn’t the problem, and if you actually watch any Bears game and not just the stat sheet the reason he isn’t connecting with any receivers is because he has no time because the Bears lack luster O-line. Even if he does get any time to get the ball out he has no options to throw to because they are always locked down. yet he still manages to place the ball good enough to have a 58% completion rate which isn’t terrible all things considered. Although Justin Fields may have a low completion rate, he is being given an impossible task by not having any help on offense.

The Bears staff need to build our team around Justin Fields and create a serious Superbowl winning team, and ignore the people saying Justin Fields might not be the guy to carry us to those places. Bears fans deserve a good team. We have one of the lowest winning percentages in the league over the last decade. A good team would have fans excited and wanting to sit in the freezing cold soldier field for 3 hours, which would earn not only the teams a metric TON of money but also the city because of all that traffic going into the city almost every Sunday.