Lana Jawich

Taylor Wagner, junior

Devils’ Advocate: What does being a part of Student Council mean to you?

Taylor Wagner: Being part of Student Council means helping to develop and organize events to bolster our school spirit along with helping to lead our school and make it a better place for all students.

DA: What qualities make you a good Student Council leader?

TW: Overall, I would consider myself a very happy and positive person. I also try my best to be very inclusive and talk to many different people throughout the school.

DA: Why did you want to be a senator?

TW: I wanted to be a senator because I really wanted to get involved in promoting different activities going on throughout the school as well as getting people excited about upcoming events.

DA: Do you have any plans to make the school a better or more positive place?

TW: All of the other members of student council and executive board are working hard on planning many fun things for students this year.

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