Rise of the pizza wars

September 5, 2017

With the appearance of different pizzerias in the area, columnists Samia Douedari and Peter Hughes prepared cases for Mod Pizza and Brama La Pizza, respectively.


Samia Douedari

Mod Pizza, which recently opened in Willowbrook, is a fast pizza-making restaurant but an even faster hit.

In the mood for Mod

Mod Pizza, a casual pizza food-chain restaurant, opened on Aug. 25 in the Willowbrook Town Center. Being that the Willowbrook Town Center doesn’t have any pizza options nearby, the opening of Mod Pizza was definitely a great idea.

“Our first store opened in the state of Washington in 2008, but we started making our way to the midwest in 2015. The one here is our 252nd store, so we’re the number-one fastest-growing food chain in the midwest,” said Jennifer Rosio, crew member.

Right when I walked in on a Saturday night, the second night of their grand opening, I noticed it was busy and had a lot of energy radiating around the restaurant. It was bustling and had a loud feel, but it wasn’t loud enough where you couldn’t hear the person next you. A crew member greeted us right when my friend and I walked in to explain the menu to us. The atmosphere was lively, and the employees seemed to be having a great time working with the customers.

At Mod Pizza, you’re allowed to order from the specialty pizzas they have on the menu or simply build your own pizza. They offer a variety of three different sizes, which include a 6-inch, 11-inch, or even a mega (two 11-inches on top of each other). After picking a size, you’re allowed to choose unlimited toppings, free of extra charge. The system is similar to Chipotle’s where you order on the counter and pick it up once it’s ready.

The toppings bar includes a variety of sauce, cheese, vegetable and even fruit.

Samia Douedari
“I love working here because the people are great, and the manager is super easy going. I also love the Mexican pizza here,” said Tatyana Brown, crew member.

I decided to go with one of their specialty 11-inch pizzas and tried the ‘Caspian,’ which included tomato sauce, mozzarella, barbecue sauce, chicken, red onions, and gorgonzola. I was able to watch them make my pizza as they slid it down the toppings bar and asked me how much I wanted of each topping. Then, they tossed it over to the natural oven to cook it for about five minutes.

Samia Douedari
After picking your toppings and sauce, they take your pizza to the natural oven for about five minutes to cook.

Overall, the ‘Caspian’ was amazing. The crust was super thin but had the consistency of naan bread, which is chewy and smooth. The toppings were all cooked very evenly and tasted very flavorful. The crust was flexible enough to fold each slice into a little sandwich for a less messy experience. I would definitely recommend this pizza.

Samia Douedari
The ‘Caspian’ pizza included a blast of flavors in each bite, especially with the last swirl of barbecue sauce as the finishing touch.

My friend ordered a ‘Maddy,’ which is simply a plain cheese pizza, but she added olives and extra mozzarella to hers. She also ordered a small caesar salad. You’re also allowed to add however many toppings you’d like in any salad, free of charge.

Samia Douedari
The ‘Maddy’ pizza with olives and a small caesar salad were very appetizing, according to my friend.

“The pizza was yummy, and it was perfectly cooked. It was fast, but it tastes like it took a lot more time to make it. The salad was also flavorful, and I was glad that they offered gluten-free options,” said Tatum Lovelace, senior.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed Mod Pizza, especially for a brand new pizza experience in the area. It’s a great place to simply hang out with friends, for the atmosphere is super chill with energetic and funny employees.

Mod Pizza is located at 7135 Kingery Hwy, Willowbrook, IL 60527.

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Courtesy of Yelp

The restaurant offers a variety of options, from pizza to french fries to cannolis.

Brama La Pizza lands as a family favorite

Located in the quaint downtown Clarendon Hills, Brama La Pizza is a retro pizza joint that serves anything from panini dishes to, of course, pizza.

“I chose the location for a few reasons. One is that I came to the area a lot as a kid. Downtown Clarendon Hills also has a cozy, family friendly feel that I really like,” said Angelo Zayed, the restaurant’s owner.

Courtesy of Yelp
Brama La Pizza is perfect for any group, including families with small children.

Brama La Pizza is a casual and affordable restaurant. Upon walking inside, the place is cozy, consisting of leather chairs and booths, hardwood tables, and an ordering counter.

The value of this restaurant stems from its affordability. For about $5 all in, a person can get two slices of pizza and a fountain drink. That’s about as good as a meal can get on a high schooler’s budget.

“The food is great, but only if you’re willing to wait awhile for it to arrive,” said Bill Haarlow, junior.

Haarlow ordered the meat lovers pizza, which can be found under the “Specialty Pizza” category on the menu. The pizza had a generous portion of mozzarella cheese, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and ground beef with a crisp crust. It was loaded in only the best way, a pizza not for the faint of heart.

Courtesy of Yelp
Brama La Pizza’s menu has something for everyone with its wide range of options.

The menu at Brama La Pizza has a myriad of dishes to choose from. Ranging from $5.45 to $26.95, you can choose from their thin crust, specialty, stuffed, or pan pizzas, or the grilled chicken parmesan from the pasta section. You are sure to be satisfied with both the price and quality of the food.

“If I could recommend one menu item, it would be the grilled burger focaccia,” Zayed said.

Brama La Pizza also has an emphasis on family dining. Their family-friendly atmosphere and humorous kids menu, which includes titles such as the “IDK What I Want,” “I’m Not Hungry,” and “I Don’t Want Anything,” each for $4.95, have made the place a local family favorite.

Brama La Pizza is located at 34 South Prospect Avenue, Clarendon Hills Illinois, 60514.

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