Courtesy of Becca McCann ad Jonothan Hernandez

Becca McCann and Jonothan Hernandez

Devils’ Advocate: What are some ideas you would implement if you were to become social chair?

Becca McCann: I know me and my partner both want to make Central exciting and “hype” again. It’s our goal to get Hinsdale Central really excited for sports events, and to come out and support our school.

DA: How would you describe what being social chair is to someone that doesn’t know what it is?

BM: It’s a very big position. You have to be able to put yourself out there and not be shy in front of 3,000 class mates but it is also about just having fun and  being yourself to be the face of Central.

DA: Why do you want to be social chair?

BM: I’ve wanted to do it ever since I was a freshman. I’ve been on Student Council all three years and I love being in front of people and just being myself. It’s also an opportunity to get to know more people and for other people to get to know me better.

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