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Porsches new synthetic fuel gives hope to internal combustion engines

Porsche’s new synthetic fuel gives hope to internal combustion engines

Ameer Akhras, Contributor May 17, 2023

Recent trends show electric cars trumping gas cars and dominating the market with promised future-proof technology. Gas cars are old fashioned nowadays. The growth electric and hybrid cars have made in...

Junior Finley Bisch customizes her Snapchat AI.

Snapchat’s New AI Creates Mixed Reactions

Christina Tresslar, Contributor May 14, 2023

On April 19, Snapchat released an AI feature powered by Open-AI’s ChatGPT technology to all users of the app.  It had been available to Snapchat+ subscribers since February, but is now accessible...

Lack of Racial Diversity in Genetic Testing

Lack of Racial Diversity in Genetic Testing

Aishvarya Godla April 5, 2022

Although there is a continuous influx of new discoveries in human genomics, there is one aspect where progress is sorely lacking: racial and cultural diversity. The majority of genetic research studies...

Genes and the Severity of COVID

Genes and the Severity of COVID

Asritha Tunuguntla April 5, 2022

The effect of COVID-19 is seen throughout all ages and races of people and in some countries, socioeconomic status plays a large role in the severity of the disease. Minority groups have seen the largest...


The Development of CRISPR to Treat Cancer and Revolutionize Cancer Research

Rana, Dubauskas April 3, 2022

Cancer is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide. While many treatments for cancer have developed—such as chemotherapy, radiation, or new drugs—these treatments have their own risky effects....

DNA molecule

Does Junk DNA Have a Purpose?

Zahra Ghadeer April 3, 2022

DNA is one of the most important parts of our body which keeps our body running. DNA carries genetic information which helps our body develop and function, thus making us “human”. Additionally, DNA...

Artwork by Amy Dong

Rising Healthcare Costs: Are Biosimilars a Solution or a Problem?

Aishvarya Godla February 16, 2021

For many Americans, ever rising healthcare costs have made effective and state of the art healthcare inaccessible and unaffordable. According to a study conducted by the American Medical Association, the...

Artwork by Amy Dong

Stem Cell Cures For Type I Diabetes

Colin Kurimay February 16, 2021

In the past few years, scientists have been using stem cell therapy as a revolutionary technique to cure previously unbeatable diseases.  Stem cells are a type of cell that can differentiate into another...

Various vaccines have been approved in different countries, with some having more efficacy than others.

Coronavirus vaccines around the world

Neha Kumar and Aishvarya Godla February 12, 2021

There is one topic that is on everyone’s mind right now: the Coronavirus. With more than a million deaths in the entire world and 200,000 deaths in the US, scientists and world leaders are in a frenzy...

Weighted blankets show potential of lowering stress levels, according to recent studies.

Weighted blankets could be the next at-home cure for sleep-related disorders

Piper Franckiewicz, Author February 11, 2021

Weighted blankets have been used in therapy for a while, but are now becoming more of a popular commodity. They are mainly used as a non-prescription solution for sleep related disorders, such as insomnia....

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