Devils' Advocate

Students, Tim and Kevin, study for their math final, helping each other with the questions they dont understand.

You’re better than any number: study hard but stay well during finals

Zara Lateef, Contributor January 12, 2023

Final exams are just around the corner, from Wednesday, Jan. 18 to Friday, Jan. 20. After “no harm” finals, a special COVID gift from last year, the traditional exams are back. Finals week is known...

Be more cautious with your data privacy

Be more cautious with your data privacy

Joshua Yan, Contributor December 13, 2022

The technology people own presents challenges with keeping good data privacy. Many people, businesses, and companies often use technology without being aware of how their data privacy affects other internet...

SZAs new album can be found on all streaming services.

SZA’s long awaited “SOS” album is here

On Friday, Dec. 9, SZA released her sophomore album, “SOS." The album consists of 23 songs ranging from R&B to pop to rap. It features guest appearances from Don Toliver, Phoebe Bridgers, Travis...

With so many dining options available in downtown Hinsdale, many of which do not allow dogs, business and the Chamber of Commerce should reconsider their policies on welcoming dogs inside.

Dogs should be allowed in Hinsdale’s stores and restaurants

Sara Ellithorpe December 9, 2022

About seven miles from downtown Hinsdale, I entered the doors of Yorktown Mall. I saw the chaos of all the store signs lit up in neon or pale colors, cursive or in all caps, mannequins with all...

As eligible juniors work on their NHS applications, senior NHS members are here to answer any question they may have.

Seniors NHS members help juniors prepare to complete their applications

With National Honor Society letters being sent out mid October and received by many juniors, the application process is beginning for them. We reached out to juniors to get their questions answered by...

Suburbs need more walkability

Suburbs need more walkability

Jocelyn Dodenhoff , Contributor December 8, 2022

With the mass introduction of cars and rapid urbanization in the 1950’s, the main transportation method of walking had vanished. Today, when one leaves their home to go to the nearest shop or...

Go Vegetarian

Go Vegetarian

Angie Conley, Contributor December 8, 2022

Most of us eat meat. Whether you’re at work eating a turkey sandwich, or at home about to take a juicy bite out of your bacon burger, people are consuming meat. What you probably don’t know...

We must litter less

We must litter less

Fran Gick , Contributor December 6, 2022

With the rise of the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, our world went into lockdown, and with that came mask mandates. All public places were required by law to enforce mask mandates, which caused...

Writer Dan Watcke just competed in the Nike Championship on Saturday, Dec. 3, where he did wear a pair of super shoes.

Allow super shoes during competitions

Dan Watcke, Contributor December 5, 2022

The super shoe; the newest innovation in the running world. Nike was the first to break into the super shoe universe while chasing the Sub 2 hour marathon barrier in 2017. Super shoes were made...

Is a college education necessary?

Is a college education necessary?

Julian Guerrero December 4, 2022

Many seniors just finished submitting their Common App for a variety of colleges and are eagerly awaiting their decision. There are many people who have found success who haven’t gone to college....

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