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Along with choosing the perfect outfit to wear to graduation many seniors plan on complimenting their look with makeup.

Guys and girls graduation outfit ideas

With graduation coming up on Thursday, May 24, it can be really hard to know what to wear. The weather is supposed to be either sunny and nice or rainy, so it may be hard to pick out an outfit. However,...

When it comes time for prom, some guys prefer renting, while some prefer buying their tuxedos in store.

Prom style essentials for guys

Holly Swasko, Fashion Columnist April 12, 2017

As senior girls hunt for prom accessories and dresses before the big night that takes place on April 29, guys are also searching for their best tux and key pieces to look their best. To make sure all of...

Students Ben Griffith, senior, and Connor Bower, junior, choose khakis and colored pullovers for a spring outfit.

Spring 2017 fashion trends for men

In the midst of New York fashion week, which took place Feb. 9 until Feb. 16, many designers and brands are beginning to release their spring collections in time for the the turn of the season. This week,...

Various Central Homecoming goers pose to show the hottest styles for fall dances.

Men’s Fashion: Homecoming

Bowtie: This classic fashion trend has been making a comeback recently, and this homecoming it became the most popular alternative for those looking to exit their comfort zone of normal ties. Fortunately,...

Men’s Fall Fashion

Haley Planson September 12, 2014

Mens fashion: Spring edition

Men’s fashion: Spring edition

Liam Jones Wearing: The red polo and khaki shorts As mother nature shifts from winter to spring, so does our fashion sense. The red polo represents the natural beauty of spring’s blooming flowers,...

Mens fashion: Christmas edition

Mens’ fashion: Christmas edition

Liam Jones, Daniel Holland, and Cole Meyer December 21, 2013

Liam Jones Wearing: The revamped Bill Cosby ugly sweater This sweater - far more elaborate than those of Bill Cosby - possesses colors that represent the complexity and intimacy that is the holiday...

Mens’ Fashion: Heelys shoes wheel back into style

Mens’ Fashion: Heelys shoes wheel back into style

Cole Meyer, Writer November 18, 2013

Fashion is an ever-developing world, and students are witnessing a style revival. Shoes with wheels in the heels—commonly known as Heelys—have shown up on several students’ feet in the past few months. Heelys...

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