NAHS puts on Homecoming art show


This year, Hinsdale Central’s National Art Honor Society (NAHS), produced a gold-themed art show in honor of this year’s James Bond Homecoming theme.

The show was based off of the movie Goldfinger. “We usually sponsor what’s called a Red and White show, but this year we went with a different type of theme,” said Laura Milas, the faculty sponsor of NAHS.

Through out the year, NAHS organized a number of product. These include service projects that benefit Hinsdale Central. “We focus on how we use art to improve the lives of others. The club’s also interested this year in doing some workshops for students, for each other, and for feeder schools,” Milas said.

A student has certain requirements to be a part of NAHS, and it requires a lot of effort to continue to be a part of the club.

“NAHS is a national organization, so the requirements have to do with participation in art classes. In our building, it’s three or more semesters of art,” Milas said. “The main focus has to do with being professional artists.”

“One challenge that all artists have is the amount of time it takes to perform their craft. It’s a very time-consuming process,” Milas said.

Stephanie Lenchard Warren, senior and member of NAHS, said, “It does vary [between art mediums]. But it takes a week or two [to finish] each project.” In AP Studio Art, (a class that members of NAHS usually take) the course requires that a project be completed every week.

NAHS has big plans for this year beyond the Goldfinger Art Show, including different shows and service projects, like the Art to Go bag.

“We’re going to be collecting art supplies and writing short lessons so that kids in the hospital have something else to do other than play video games or watch television,” Milas said. The goals for this year also include challenges, where artists focus on different objects to create projects, which are auctioned off to raise money for the club.  One year, students created birdhouses for the challenge.

In other words, the Homecoming art show is kicking off what will surely be a great year for the club; NAHS is just getting started with their ambitious plans.