“Einstein and the Polar Bear” hits the stage

After 17 years of directing plays, Paul Woods returned to where he started as director of the play “Einstein and the Polar Bear,” this year’s September show at Hinsdale Central. His first experience with drama started at Hinsdale Central when English teacher Christine Hicks put on “Einstein and the Polar Bear” during his freshman year.  After acting in it years ago, Woods now returned to the play to direct it. “I now had the opportunity to do it again, 25 years later; it’s kind of wild,” Woods said. The play was a huge success this year, attended by students and teachers alike. “It was awesome, just awesome,” said Alex D’Amico, junior, who crewed for the September show.

“Einstein and the Polar Bear” is a poignant play about two characters, Diane and Bill, brought together by some unique circumstances like a snowstorm, broken down car, and a house in the middle of nowhere. Local characters make their appearances throughout the night, creating a sense of personal connection for the audience with the characters. “You get to know these three dimensional people,” Woods said.

“The best thing about the show was the conversation. My parents liked how the back-and-forth between the characters kept their attention,” D’Amico said.

The play holds a lot of meaning for Woods because without it, he wouldn’t have been as interested in drama at the start of his high school career as he is today.  This interest is what eventually lead him to directing plays throughout college and as a teacher later on. “There are a lot of sad moments and a lot of happy moments. There’s a lot of laughter and a lot of sadness; it’s a comic drama. It’s sort of like life,” Woods said.