Enrique Saenz creates own t-shirt company


Most aspiring designers don’t think of starting their own lines even after many years in the fashion and design industries. Junior Enrique Lopez-Yanez Saenz, however, broke the mold, and began designing his own skateboarding apparel line this year.

“I just got bored one day and started to draw the word Seoul in my notepad” Saenz said. He wanted to do something original, so he decided to take out the ‘o’ in Seoul. He then took his new project, titled Seul, to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. His journey started with the creation of a logo and posters, which eventually led to the making of t-shirts with the help of his brother and a friend, who manage the advertising for the company.

“I started Seul because some of the brands out there don’t give me the originality or style that I seek,” Saenz said. “I turned to myself and said that I could do this by myself and then I started making t-shirts.”

Saenz creates new designs for his Seul apparels from home and in his graphic design class. He then selects one of two ways to create the apparel: either reaching out to a t-shirt company that prints out the designs onto t-shirts, or buying his own tees and then printing the designs on them himself.

“Right now, I’m not trying to go big and go all out,” Saenz said. “I’m just trying to have fun with it.”