Art department revamps its hallway


One of the interactive displays in the Art Department.

Over the summer, the art department renovated its hallway in order to include interactive displays for student enjoyment.

Laura Milas, Art Department chair, was inspired by the Columbus Art Museum. “They had redone the bottom floor of the museum to be what they called a ‘Center for Creativity’. That coincided with the art department goal of getting kids to focus on creativity as art,” Milas said.

Milas said that the department “started to contemplate owning the hallway and using the space to be more interactive between students and teachers in a less formal way.” So far, they have set up three interactive stations for students. The first station involves students voting on dominant themes and their representation in pieces of art. In another, students create their own unique ‘math’ equations and post them on the new bulletin board the department created. Some examples of equations include “Love + Hate + Forgiveness * Empathy = PEACE”. At the last station, students can make tiny twist tie sculptures and display them for students and faculty on newly installed shelves. In order to spark creativity, all activities are anonymous.

Carli Harvey, junior, said, “Before the hallway used to be really dull, but now it’s fun to walk down. I like to stop by and read some equations; I’ve even made a sculpture myself.”

Milas has also noticed that numerous kids that are not involved in the art program are involved in the process. “We are excited to see how it all plays out,” Milas said. “We think that students need more opportunity to play and explore without some kind of grade looming above their head.”

Overall, according to Milas, the art department is “hoping to provide an outlet for kids in the school and encourage their creativity and the development of that thinking skill more globally than just in the classroom.”