Poetry club offers opportunity for creativity

Every two weeks, member of Hinsdale Central’s poetry club meet to create works of art and literature.

The club also provides students with useful life skills. They develop the ability to express themselves and enhance their communication and writing. However, to its participants, poetry club is much more.  It’s a safe environment.  No one criticizes anyone. You could write a one-line sentence and you will be commended and applauded as if you had written a sonnet,” said Mrs. Diana Sekura, club sponsor.

But this celebration does more for the students than meets the eye. In fact, Sekura observes that self discoveries are very common among the students.

“Really and truly, poetry club is the reason why I’m so much more comfortable expressing myself to other people and putting myself out there. Writing poetry is one of the most pure forms of getting to know yourself,” said Divya Kirti, a senior in poetry club.

The students in poetry club welcome every kind of student, even teachers, to come participate in their activities.  “Any interest that you have, we will find a way to have you be a part of our group. We will learn from you and, hopefully, you can learn from the other students as well,” Sekura said.

Poetry Club is a safe haven for many students at Central, who have found that, no matter what, they will always have poetry and their peers to get them through it.  “To say it shortly, poetry club has taught me that in high school, anything can happen, but if you have some sort of constructive outlet, obviously poetry for me, you can handle anything, with just pens and paper as your witnesses,” Kirti said.