Guitar club is back for another rocking year


Photo by: Maddie McCormick

Guitar Club has opened its doors and guitar cases for the first meeting of the year.

Mr. Jim Horan, the Guitar Club sponsor, conducted the meeting in his classroom after school. Along with being the club sponsor, he is also the founder who began the club in 1993. Guitar Club is a club that is open to anyone who wants to learn how to play guitar. There are no officers; everyone is equal. “Everyone is a leader here; this is club that builds leadership,” Horan said.

As soon as the final bell rings on Friday, Horan’s Latin classroom becomes filled with kids, guitars, and jams. Anywhere from 20 to 30 kids packed into the classroom and begin strumming.

“My favorite thing about Guitar Club is when we do improvised jams because they’re really fun and they usually turn out great,” said junior Abel Quintero, a returning Guitar club member.

“We have a professional guitar player come in every once in a while for a clinic where he teaches us and jams with us,” Quintero said. These are Guitar Club’s biggest events and usually occur four to five times a year.

According to Horan, the best thing about the club is what the kids get out of it, in and outside of the school environment. “I don’t see it here, but I know it’s happening,” Horan said. “I know there are kids playing in their garages and forming bands.”

Guitar Club meets every Friday after school in room 153.