Diablo prepares its newest yearbook theme

El Diablo, the school yearbook, is in the midst of determining the theme for this year’s yearbook.

Ms. Erin Timmons, Diablo sponsor, said that yearbook production is about the nitty-gritty. But even the nitty-gritty details rely on the yearbook’s theme, which is what ties the entire publication process together.  “Our theme is top secret It really drives the design. Once you generate the theme, you also come up with the unifying design elements,” Timmons said.

The yearbook editors brainstormed for days on what this year’s theme would be. It wasn’t until they worked on the idea with the whole staff that they felt they had a winner.

“We had a full-class brainstorming session, hit it, and we just knew. The feeling in the room changed. Everyone is really excited about it,” Timmons said.

No one but Diablo staff members has any idea what this top secret theme may be.

“It’s something that hasn’t been done before, so I’m really excited about it. I think it’s something that the student body will like a lot and will be able to connect to a lot more,” said Allie Pitcher, a senior editor in chief of Diablo.

But regardless of the theme, the yearbook staff is working hard to put together yet another keepsake for every Central student this year.