Central Musicians put on Holiday Assembly

On Tuesday Dec. 13 Central students were treated to a holiday concert. The Central Music Department, which included the Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra, Choir, and Wind Ensemble, put on three separate concerts during an extended third period  to accommodate all the audience members.

Students in each assembly were greeted by Central’s jazz band, which played an upbeat holiday tune as everyone entered the auditorium. The piece also included an array of soloists that represented a range of instruments from the trombone to guitar.

After the jazz band’s piece was over, the curtain went up on the chamber orchestra. The orchestra, which included various members of Wind Ensemble, played “Russian Dance Trepak,” “Mireliton,” and “Waltz of the Flowery.” Jing Gao, a sophomore basoonist in Wind Ensemble played along with the orchestra. She enjoyed the experience of playing with the orchestra, but missed not getting to see the other performances. “It was hard for the ones who were performing because we couldn’t watch a lot of other acts. Like I didn’t get to see Winds or choir, but I did hear Jazz,” said Gao.

Meanwhile the choir performed along with both the orchestra and Wind Ensemble. They sang the songs, “Carol of the Bells”, “All on a Cold Winter’s Night”,”Riu, Riu Chiu”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, and “The Christmas Song.”

Samantha Lagestee, a sophomore in choir, thought that having three separate performances were good for having a manageable audience. “The assemblies were really tiring, but in the end, it was a lot of fun!” said Lagestee.

Finally the Wind Ensemble performed. The concert finished with a flourish as the choir and band performed “The Christmas Song” together.