HC senior’s artwork displayed in New York City

HC seniors artwork displayed in New York City

Senior Erica Loncki represented the Hinsdale Central art department in a public art showing in Manhattan that included works from students all over the country.

Loncki’s piece, from her AP Studio concentration, was displayed on March 2 and 3 in Manhattan, New York. The piece was displayed on a thirty by sixteen foot screen in a slide show.“This accomplishment is overwhelming. I have never won an opportunity like this before,” said Loncki.

Loncki considers herself to be an abstract artist, and focuses more on the elements of the design.  “The inspiration for my artwork comes from my brain,” said Loncki.  In her artwork she portrays meaning though movement, symbolism, and unity.  “If my piece speaks to me, I hope it will speak to the people who view it subjectively. My art is to be interpreted individually by the viewer,” she said.

One reason why Loncki loves being an artist is because she can find easy ways to relieve stress. When Loncki feels “overwhelmed by reality” she turns to her artwork to get away from stress and pressures in life.  She said, “Being creative is my healthy choice of stress relief, and I find it meditative.”

“When I make pieces in AP Studio, my creativity comes from the parameters we’re given with every project,” said Loncki.  She explained that once someone has given her the foundation of a project, she can come up with the details.  However, outside of class, she enjoys making pieces that come to her naturally.  “These pieces are inspired a lot by our media, Loncki said,  “I like collageing and abstract painting.  My pieces hardly ever have a message until I’m finished.”

Loncki describes her artwork as “bold” and “very out-of-the-box.” Also, she said that her artwork is noticeable for its loud style.  “I am always trying new solutions to my artistic problems, and I’m always trying to be innovative,” said Loncki.