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Instagram sweeps Central

Instagram is a photo-editing site that was created in October 2010, but in the past few months has gained popularity. The website allows users to upload pictures from their computer or phone, add various effects in the form of filters, and share the photos with family, friends, and other Instagram users.

Many Central students have started using Instagram, and believe the social aspect of sharing pictures with family, friends, and other users, and the professional quality without any of the cost make it stand out from other picture editing sites.

“It’s similar to Twitter because you can subscribe to other people and their picture will show up on your home page,” said Ellie Sidler, sophomore.

“I love taking pictures and this is an easy way to share them with my friends and also see their pictures,” said Suhana Thakrar, sophomore.

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“There’s also a social aspect to it, where you can like or comment on other people’s pictures,” said Alina Kloss, sophomore, “You also get to know people better from seeing their pictures.”

Instagram users enjoy the professional quality that it offers without the heavy price tag, and many believe that it stems from their many filters.

“It’s nice for people like me who enjoy photography but don’t have any professional equipment,” said Kloss.

“Instagram is different because it is mostly just pictures from smart phones. You don’t need a $1000 camera to take awesome photos!” said Sidler.

“I love the filters the best by far! There are about 15 filters they aren’t just the normal sepia, black-and-white. It’s professional looking options that really enhance the photo,” said Silder.

“I love the filters! There are so many to choose from! X-pro and Earlybird are some of my favorites!” said Thakrar.

“My favorite feature would have to be the effects. There’s so many of them, and they’re all unique,” Kloss said.

However, Instagram tends to be most popular young adult girls than young adult boys. Overall, many Instagram users recommend others to try it. Instagram is available for iPods and Androids through their respective app stores.

“Do it! It’s a lot of fun and it’s easy. It’s also free so there really isn’t any risk!” said Thakrar.

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