Students start photo business

For the past seven months, seniors Jeremy Cai and Champ Davis have managed their own student photography business, Lumiluxe Photography. While they didn’t always believe it would be possible, various wins in photography competitions and steady business have eased their fears.

For regular events, their prices range from $50 to $60, but the offer that’s begun to attract students is their senior portrait specialty.

“I was kind of worried because I didn’t really know what to expect with a senior photo shoot, but it wasn’t awkward, it was a lot of fun, actually,” said Andre Brown, a senior who recently had a photo shoot with Lumiluxe.

Cai and Davis were first inspired to start their business when Cai won an award for a photography competition. Since then, both boys have won awards for their photos. Most notably, Cai’s photo was selected by the Spanish Andorran International Circuit to be displayed in a gallery in Spain.

“Initially we were thinking, ‘Oh we’re probably not good enough, it’s a hobby.’ But we took a look at the pictures at the other photography companies by adults, and they really weren’t that good. So, we wanted to make a company to take photos at a reasonable price,” Cai said.

Andre said the best part about the shoot was the casual atmosphere and the comfort of taking pictures with friends. Similarly, Cai enjoys the student interactions while on photo shoots, as well as his partnership with Davis, yet his favorite aspect of the business is the opportunity to work in the field he loves.

“It’s really a lot less work and more fun than it seems.  For anyone who wants to pursue a passion they have, I definitely recommend it,” Cai said.