Improvising Homecoming

Instead of going to the traditional Homecoming dance on Saturday, junior Yianni Kinnas and his friends decided to attend the improvised show, Henrietta Pussycat featuring the Deltoids, at the IO Theater in Chicago.

The show was two hours long, filled with skits made up on the spot as they received cues from the audience. Kinnas’ night was made when the performers said they needed a volunteer, and they picked him.

Madison Wagner, a junior who was with Kinnas that night, said that during an intermission, they picked Kinnas and asked him questions about his day. Then, they took all the events that he had explained and made them into a skit.

“They made it into a dream because our dreams are influenced by what we do throughout the day. They pretty much made fun of what he did and our night in general. It was so funny,” Wagner said.

This experience was very special for Kinnas because he is an active member of the Drama Club and a fan of improvisation.

“I was actually the one who had the idea to go to the show, because no one else knew what to do for Homecoming,” Kinnas said. “It was so much fun having the actors use what my friends and I done that day. For our Homecoming night, these actors did some improv based on us; that’s pretty cool.”