Drama club holds 24-hour theatre project

Students will take part in the first 24-hour theatre project on Oct. 20.

The 24-hour theatre project is a fundraising event in which students act, design, direct and write in a period of 24 hours.  The money raised for the project goes toward drama productions.

The idea came from Sonia Gecker, the new director for the drama club.  Gecker presented the idea to the drama board members while discussing fundraising ideas.  “The students took the lead in planning and organizing,” Gecker said.

The writers will create a 6-10 minute play on Friday incorporating a certain line from a play.  The next morning the actors, writers, directors, and designers will come in and start working on putting the play together.  The students have until 7:00 that night to put the whole show together.

“I am looking forward to trying something new,” said Laura Nelson, junior and drama board member.  Since this production is no-cut, it will allow students to get involved in different areas of theatre.

Gecker also thinks the 24-hour theatre project allows the students to create a sense of community.

“My goal is to have people get out of there comfort zone because this is a good opportunity to try different things and try different aspects of theatre,” Nelson said.