‘La Fortuna’ opens in Hinsdale


La Fortuna is a new, family-owned Mexican coffee shop that opened last Friday on Village Place, Hinsdale. The soft piano music, deep maroon walls, and pleasant attitudes of its owners create a cozy ambiance that sinks in seconds after walking through the door. La Fortuna also has a unique menu because of its Mexican background.

La Fortuna’s coffee has the same taste that we have all grown accustomed to, but with a “kick”. For example, the “café de olla” is sweet and flavorful with a lingering taste. For people who prefer a more bitter taste, I would suggest the “filter brew”. It has coffee’s regular taste but with a stronger flavor – it is less bland than standard American coffee. For those who are a fan of hot chocolate, I would recommend La Fortuna’s “Mexican hot chocolate”. It still has a lot of flavor, but it maintains the taste of regular hot chocolate and is very smooth and sweet.  The “ice drip coffee” is perhaps the most unique item on the menu. Ice water slowly drips into coffee through a machine, and this process of making one batch takes six hours.

In regards to the dessert menu, it mainly offers cakes and other sweets. The “Cinnamon apple cheesecake” was life-changing. It was soft, creamy, tangy, and it had just the right amount of bite-sized apple chunks – not overpowering, but enough so that you can appreciate the flavor it brings to the cheesecake.

Overall, I would highly recommend La Fortuna and give it four out of five stars. From what I have seen, there is a dedication to quality, taste and customer satisfaction. Coupled with the pleasing aesthetics, I do not see a reason why it will not become a successful business.