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Art show displays variety of mediums

Glass cases showed off rings, necklaces and bracelets. Illuminated shelves displayed clay dishes. Walls and corkboards were home to watercolor and pastel paintings. Tables with paper mache sculptures lined the edges of the room. The sun glistened behind vibrant photographs. All the while, students milled around the room, talking amongst themselves, browsing the gallery, and critiquing the artwork.

This was the scene in the art gallery during Wednesday afternoon’s semiannual semester art show. The show took place Tuesday through Thursday, and it gave art students a chance to display their work for others to see.

“[Art] students pick their best artwork to put in the show. Then, they have ballots and people can vote on their favorite pieces. There are categories like best in show, most creative, and most detailed. Anything can be nominated for any category,” said Alina Kloss, junior. Kloss had a ring on display from her jewelry class.

While the art show showcased many traditional art mediums, such as Kloss’ ring, a variety of less traditional artworks were also on display.

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“There are a lot of different and creative things, and it’s fun to see all the different forms of art, because there are actually a lot more forms of art than a most people know about. For example, there’s a lot of mixed media and digital art, which is really interesting,” Kloss said.

One of these less traditional projects was a video about teenage sleep deprivation by seniors Kurt Eckroth, Jared Eck and Chris Zott.

“Here at Hinsdale Central, we are overwhelmed with activities and homework. We really thought a video that really portrayed the little sleep that high school students get was really important to get out and show the world,” Eckroth said.

“There were a couple days where Kurt fell asleep in class, and we wanted to shed some light on that. We knew he wasn’t slacking off, he was just overly tired,” Eck said.

Overall, Eck believed that there was a lot of support for these less traditional art pieces.

“I’ve gotten a couple compliments on our video. The great responses we’ve gotten has just been overwhelming,” Eck said.

The growing popularity of these mediums was also seen in the final ballot counts.

For example, junior Sara McCarthy earned second place in both “best in show” and “most realistic,” for her digital drawing “Autumn Bear.” (The rest of the awards can be seen below). McCarthy spent over 12 hours on her piece.

“It’s great that my work paid off, I’m very proud of it. Digital art is becoming far more popular because technology has made it easier for so many more people to make good quality pieces of art fairly easily,” McCarthy said.

Artistic mediums aside, students viewed the art show as a way to show off the artistic talent at Central and as a way to see what other students have done.

“I’m really impressed with the art show this year. We’ve got some beautiful artwork at this school. It’s good to be a part of it,” Eckroth said.

Best of Show

1st Place- Untitled oil painting, Kyle Van de Bovenkamp

2nd Place- Autumn Bear, digital drawing by Sarah McCarthy

3rd Place- Untitled drawing by Vasaris Balzekas

Most Realistic

1st Place- Colored pencil portrait-“The Docto Portrait” by Mikayla Delson

2nd Place- Digital drawing- “Autumn Bear” by Sarah McCarthy

3rd Place- Acrylic painting-“Home Sweet Home” by Caroline Morant

Most Creative

1st Place- Oil painting- “Untitled” by Claire Baiocchi

2nd Place- Acrylic painting- “Say Cheese” by Mia Larson

3rd Place- Oil painting- “Untitled” by Kyle Van de Bovenkamp

Best Craftsmanship

1st Place- Charcoal drawing- “Untitled” by Vasaris Balzekas

2nd Place- Ceramic bowl- “Untitled” by Sean Neveril

3rd Place Tie- Wire ring by Jackie Vallera; Dapped Pendant, “The Underground,” by Morgan Fitzgerald

Most Complex Construction

1st Place- Welded sculpture, “Elephant” by Griffin Brewer

2nd Place- Wire ring, “Lost Woods” by Karolina Cepukaite

3rd Place- Welded sculpture, “Palm” by Mike Johns

Most Humorous

1st Place- Digital image, “Bad Soda Pop” by Margaret Tamm

2nd Place- Acrylic painting, “Say Cheese” by Mia Larson

3rd Place- Digital image,“Self Portrait” by Cara Lo Piano

Most Thought Provoking

1st Place- Untitled oil painting, Claire Baiocchi

2nd Place- Untitled drawing, Vasaris Balzekas

3rd Place- Digital art- “Social Issue Piece: Suicide Prevention” by Casey May

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