Jade Dragon– Experience over Food

Jade Dragon, a Chinese restaurant located amidst downtown Hinsdale’s madness, is popular with both middle and high school students, and for good reason. It caters to the tastes of many different people, offers a variety of dishes, and has a friendly staff.

Each dish ordered comes with one of three complimentary appetizers: a choice between two soups and an egg roll. The yellow egg drop soup was warm, creamy, and had a thick, smooth consistency. It was a bit mild, so its primary purpose was to clear the palette for the main dish. The egg roll had a crunchy exterior, a contrast from the smooth inside which was replete with vegetables. It was very filling for an appetizer.

The shrimp fried rice could have been better. It was lacking flavor and spices. However, the portion size was ideal, and it did have a good assortment of vegetables. I sampled the vegetable lo mein, and it had the same problems.

The service is great. The waiters are funny, approachable and helpful in making decisions on what dishes to order for people unfamiliar with Chinese food. The food also came swiftly.

The ambiance of the restaurant was arguably better than the food itself. It was quite empty when I arrived, but people poured in quickly shortly after school let out. Although most of the customers were high schoolers, there were quite a few adults. It was a safe haven from the chilly weather outside.

Although, the main dishes are bland, I would still give Jade Dragon three out of four stars for the amiable staff, cheerful atmosphere and great location in the center of Hinsdale. It can be found on 43 South Washington Street.