Freshmen theater takes comedic twist on Brothers Grimm


The culmination of weeks of rehearsal will come together as the all-freshman cast will be performing the Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.

This free form comedy will feature 18 cast members and 10 in crew, dealing with lighting, props, and special effects.  Each student will be playing 4-5 different roles while re-creating a majority of the Brothers Grimm stories with a comedic twist. Classics that will be remade include Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood. The humorous showing is a unique take on these age old, typically dark stories.  The play is supervised and directed by Susan Jaffe, a new member of the theatrical department.

“Directing has been amazing,” Jaffe said. “Central has a strong program and I’m exciting to be stepping into such an established department. The kids are passionate, and it really is their first step into the spotlight at a high school level.”

The cast members have been rehearsing every day for weeks directly outside the auditorium.  Since it’s the cast’s first high school play, this will be the biggest stage that many of them have performed on.

“The hardest part is definitely the memorization and the transitions.  We have to make sudden transitions between speaking to the audience and playing our character roles,” said freshman Allison Schuster.

A lot of work has been put in, and the expectations are high, but according to Jaffe, this is rightfully so.

“The freshmen have been rising to the challenge,” Jaffe said.  “There has been a lot to memorize and work on, and it is all being taken very seriously and thoughtful, hopefully ending in an unserious and hilarious show.”

The play will be held inside the auditorium at 7 p.m