Shetye aspires to be an animator

Late into the night, she draws the same character over and over again in order to make a project deadline. It seems like she has drawn so much, and yet, all 240 pictures add up to a mere 10 seconds of animated film. This is the life of an animator, and the life Shreeya Shetye, senior, hopes to have.

“I hope to be a storyteller in the future, eventually,” Shetye said.

This is in spite of the fact that animation is a tough field to pursue. “It’s a very shaky field to go into and there are a lot of layoffs,” Shetye said.

Shetye has dove into her passion at Central by taking AP Art History junior year and AP Studio Art this year. Last summer she did a course at the Art Institute to get experience in the field. She plans on getting a bachelor in fine art in college.

Shetye’s artistic process is two-fold. She has to create a character in her head and then bring it life on paper. “I have a personality, body shape, and expressions in mind because that’s what makes up a character,” Shetye said.

Her animation style has evolved over time. “[I went from a] very realistic and natural style to more digital. My art follows shapes and colors,” Shetye said.

She often enjoys making humorous characters out of her friends, which takes several hours depending on the complexity and if she adds color. It might seem like a waste of time or repetitive to some, but Shetye couldn’t disagree more. “It’s fun to create something out of your own hands,” Shetye said.