Central’s choir and band perform in annual holiday concert

The Hinsdale Central choir and band were featured in the holiday concert.

Haley Planson

The Hinsdale Central choir and band were featured in the holiday concert.

On Wednesday, Dec. 16, the Hinsdale Central choir and band performed their annual holiday concert. The concert was responsible for the two hour extension of third period and the shortening of other class periods. It featured holiday themed music that the group has been preparing since the beginning of the year.

Dane Miller, senior, said “Some of the songs that we performed were taught to us back in February.”

The group spent most of its preparation time right after their first performance concluded at the end of October.

The concert began with the conductor, Jeff Wirtz, guiding the group. The choir then proceeded to sing their rehearsed holiday classics.

One fact that many are unaware of, however, was the significance of the grouping of the choir members.

Miller stated that the colors they wear are irrelevant, however the choir members are grouped in a certain fashion. Stefen May, senior explained that the choir’s vocal roles determined where they were grouped.

“Bass singers were in one section, tenors in another, etc.,” May said.

Either way, every member has worked equally as hard to prepare for the event regardless of their vocal role or the instrument they play.

The holiday entertainment is a fun way to liven up students and showcase the hard work that the members put into the preparation. It is a school tradition, and a friendly reminder to students that winter break is just around the corner.