Gardner gets his music career started with “Adventures in Real Time.”

Dylan Gardner, for all we know, could be an ex-Hinsdale Central Rival. The young musician is an Aurora native who recently took to Los Angeles to follow his  music career. His debut album “Adventures In Real Time,” is different than the all too familiar young boy pop sound.

I am the first to admit that I have fallen under the spells of one too many teen heartthrobs, however Gardner’s sound is more mature that I was expecting. Although, his first smash single was “Let’s Get Started,” has more of a pop sound, the album includes some ballads. Gardner’s song “The Actor,” is a slower song that shows maturity and diversity of his sound.

The mix of catchy rhythms and heartfelt lyrics can be compared those of popular artists such as The Plain White T’s, and Gavin DeGraw. At such a young age of 18 and with his raw talent, Gardner’s career will be on the rise with the release of this album.