Rap duo Kalin and Myles’ “Dedication” pays off


Fresh from the San Francisco Bay Area, rap duo Kalin and Myles is taking the music world by storm. They’ve released four EPs in two years and reached the top 6 on the Rap Albums Chart. The duo is even headlining their own tour to support their recent EP, Dedication.

Their most famous single, Trampoline, isn’t your normal slow, crooning love song, nor is it your normal every-word-is-an-explicit-word rap song. It’s fun, upbeat, silly, and definitely something you can blast in the car with your friends.

The duo switched up the tone of their EP with the song I Don’t Really Care. Unlike the other songs, this one has a deep beat and fast-paced lyrics, something that could easily be found at a club or a concert. It’s a classic dance tune.

Slowing it down, the title song brings a deeper feel to the album. The two sing about their dedication to a girl, bringing in the classic love song feel with a 90’s twist. Kalin brings a soulful feel with his singing, while Myles rounds it out with a memorable rap.

Kalin and Myles bring out a little Latin feel on their last track, You’re the Only One I Need. The sounds of a trumpet and guitar resonate in the background, giving off a mariachi-esque feel. However, they keep the song current by adding catchy lyrics and a smooth chorus. It’s definitely my favorite off the EP.

The EP isn’t something that’s usually my cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoyed each song. Every track has its own style and beat, but they’re all radio tunes. Although they aren’t as famous as Kanye West and Jay-Z, their lyrics and beats are just as impressive. Although one’s a singer and one’s a rapper, Kalin and Myles come together to form a perfect team and a striking album.

Listen to You’re The Only One I Need off Kalin and Myles’ newest EP, Dedication.