Art department awards its greatest

Two art showcases and a series of art awards highlight Central’s artistic talent.


Andrew Coyner

Room 216 held a showcase of student art throughout the weekend of May 10 with many of the pieces winning various awards.

Art students displayed their most recent works in the Honors Portfolio showcase and art department competition over the past two weeks.

Both shows, orchestrated by the art department, exhibited the works of a number of art students from all grades. The first show, held from May 5th to May 8th, invited students to submit one piece of work for a competition.

The other show, held for the students in Honors Portfolio, invited each student to enter a series of seven similar works of art and other requirements and was held for the entire week of May 11.

The show was held in room 216. The first show handed out awards to many students for their different works including junior Alex Lithgow winning the award for “Most Realistic” and senior Angela Martino winning the award for “Best Craftsmanship” with her piece entitled Noisy Lion.

Lithgow, who won the award for her painting Perplexed, was very happy with the show itself and was excited about her other paintings that were displayed in the second show.

“It was a very nice opportunity to showcase what we as students have been working on over the past few months,” Lithgow said.

Jillian Cai, a junior in the Honors Portfolio class, submitted seven of her own pieces of art and had one of them showcased in the show.

“Everyone this year was really amazing, even the students from the regular classes,” Cai said, “Just overall I thought that all of the pieces of art that were submitted were very well done.”

Other students who won awards were:

  • Best in show: Jonah Lillioja
  • Lia Schnacke
  • Jessica Strong
  • Hellen Hu
  • Allison Greagor
  • Chris Smith
  • Charlie Zajewski
  • Carly Gallo