Just add water: Homecoming art show a success


Nina Grotto

Junior Carolyn Chun made a point to visit the Homecoming Art Show to learn more about art projects.

Every year, a homecoming art show is set up in Gallery 216 featuring the artwork of the student body, yet few students who are not in art classes go to the show.
NAHS, National Art Honor Society, organizes this show around the homecoming theme. This year, the theme was Devils Under the Sea, so the homecoming art show was centered around the phrase “Just Add Water”. Many students submitted pieces of art to this year’s show.
“So many people put a lot of time and effort into their pieces and they really deserve a lot of recognition,” said Jocelyn Enriquez, senior.
Despite the fact that Hinsdale Central has had a homecoming show every year since 2006, many students are unaware of its existence. Most of the students who go are invited by friends who have art in the show, or they are in an art class.
“Not many people know that it’s going on because there were a lot of signs for the other activities,” said Julia Clarke, junior. “The art show is on its own, hidden away, and no one really goes down that hallway.”
Along the hallway are signs for the show, but students often confuse them for average homecoming posters, not specific to the art show. The hallway that the show is located in is also in the art department hallway and would be out of the way for the students who do not have art classes this semester.
This art show is important to artists as not only an opportunity to display their work, but also to participate in homecoming festivities. For certain students that don’t feel like taking part in dress up days or going to the homecoming game, the art show is a way to contribute to the excitement of homecoming and to have a personal display of school spirit.
“A lot of the art kids are not necessarily interested in joining other types of groups and so it gives them the opportunity to also participate in the fun of homecoming,” said Laura Milas, the art department chair.

Awards For This Year Are:

Most Humorous:
Allison Greager, Tyrant of the Sea
Wendy Li, College

Best 3-D:
Nina Grotto, River of No Return

Best 2-D:
Jazmin Shenouda, I See You
 Emma Wang, Just Add Water

Most Originial Use of Theme:
Marina Naborowski, Passing Period
Emma Wang, Just Add Water

Best of Show:
Jaxmine Shenouda, I See You
Grace Zhou, Julia Baroni, Rachel Wu, Somber Kool-Aid

    In the creative process, showing your work is important and is the final step in making any piece. The homecoming art show allows artists to show their work and inspire other students. Some of the art students who go to the show are able to use this experience as a way to see what some of the more advanced students are doing and improve their own work.
In the classrooms, the artwork is used to as an example of outstanding work and a point for new students to strive for. The advanced students use it as a way to compare their work to their classmates and find areas for improvement. As a homecoming event, this art show is important in allowing students to express not only their school spirit, but also their creativity.
“You can’t create things then hide them in your closet,” Milas said.