Stepping out of her comfort zone


Jenny Sims

Sophomore Kalista Prame films a new youtube video, covering the song “Everything You Are” by her favorite artist, Ed Sheeran. The video was posted on October 26, 2015, and she considered it her best cover yet.

Sophomore’s passionate lyrics and guitar skills shine on her YouTube channel

The wide-eyed six-year-old strummed her pink guitar along to Hannah Montana while blonde pigtails bounced along to the tune; her mother held up a video camera hoping to capture the exciting moment of her daughter’s first performance. Little did the little girl know that her first performance wouldn’t be the last.

Kalista Prame, sophomore, has been posting videos on YouTube of song covers for years, and is hoping on posting some of her own music as well.

Prame has always had a passion for music; her mother was involved in music as a teenager, so it wasn’t a surprise when Prame had a liking for singing along to the television, radio, and wherever else she could let it out. Her parents recognized her talents, and immediately put her into lessons, which she had previously begged them to do.

“I started lessons for guitar and singing at the age of five. I did both skills simultaneously,” Prame said.

In the past few years her parents decided to make her passion public by posting videos on the popular video sharing site, YouTube. Although this was initially Prame’s mother’s idea, it soon became solely run by Prame herself.

“When Kalista first started performing, I was in charge of recording as well as posting her videos on Youtube. In addition, I posted these videos on my Facebook which raised a lot of awareness to her channel,” said Prame’s mother, Amy Prame. “Now she posts as she wishes and I don’t really have a part in her channel any more. Everything that is posted now is by the work of Kalista and she chooses what to post and when.”

Taking the Youtube channel into her own hands was a big deal, and was going to take a lot of effort according to Prame. She started by using her computer’s camera, despite the low quality, and posted many song covers of popular music.

The next step was writing her own music. No videos have been published online of her own music, for many reasons. Considering herself to be a perfectionist, Prame wants her music to be unique and creative. Having spent years putting together a single song or two, she is weary to perform them.

“My songs are very personal to me, but  I’m really confident in them, and I am feeling good about sharing them sometime soon,” Prame said.

While taking this big step, Prame is doing it out of her love for singing and playing the guitar. Although gaining subscribers would be encouraging to the young artist, it is not the most important thing to her.

“I don’t really expect anything out of the videos, I post mainly for other people to enjoy or as just an easier way to share with my family or friends,” Prame said.

Her passion and drive to keep singing, writing, and playing are recognized by the many around her.

“I love seeing her perform, but whether or not she makes a career out of it doesn’t really matter. As long as she does what makes her happy, I’m happy,” Mrs. Prame said.

Prame has been working hard and is hoping to release her own CD to share with everyone. It’s a slow process because she wants to balance this hobby with school, sports, and her social life.

“Hopefully I will be releasing some type of CD or album containing my own songs in the year 2016,” Prame said. “My ‘manager’ and I have been working hard to compose new songs and we are currently in the process of recording many of them at least once a week.”

Prame will continue to post on her Youtube channel, and finish up, and write more original music. T