Touching talent


Anya Uppal

Sophomore Annie O’ Malley sings and plays the piano to practice what she loves doing. She strives to become a professional artist.

Annie O’ Malley has true musical talent, and is not afraid to share it with the world

Before I heard her sing, I thought I knew what talent was. After I heard her sing, my definition of talent completely changed. Talent is the ability to do something well that you love. Annie O’ Malley, sophomore, expresses her talent through music. O’Malley is a singer, pianist, and guitarist. Ever since she was a young girl, she has been influenced by music.

“Ever since I could talk, my house always had music playing and I would memorize words since I was two years old,” O’Malley said. “Even at a young age, I loved the idea of singing. I would have shows in my basement and have my family watch.”

Talent is not something you just obtain, you have to be passionate about it for your whole life and love to do it. O’Malley does not only sing covers, but she also writes songs.

“I sit at the piano and create a melody, then I play it on the piano until words come out,” O’ Malley said.

O’ Malley does not hide her talent. She has auditioned for many musicals and shows such as America’s Got Talent and solos for show choir. She has been in show choir for eight years and has gotten a countless number of solos. She also created a YouTube and has more than 300 subscribers. Many of her friends and family love to hear her sing and watch her on YouTube, including her peers at school.

“Sophomore year was my first time I heard her sing. I heard her on YouTube and she was singing a song that I didn’t know, but I thought her voice was amazing,” said Jonah Schaik, sophomore.

Talent is shown in many ways, but O’ Malley shows her talent by singing. O’ Malley enjoys doing what she loves and never stops pursuing her dreams to become a singer.