Red Devil Nation hype songs


Hannah Anderson

Music is almost a method of therapy that students and teachers use all around school to get excited for the rest of the day.

Every day in the halls at school, tons of students can be seen with headphones in their ears, bobbing their heads to the beat of their music as they mentally prepare for the rest of the day. They sometimes even choose to go wireless, and just bring a speaker so the entire hallway can hear.

Even on Fridays, as music blasts through the intercom, students can still be found listening to their own playlists as they walk to class, getting pumped up to do well on a test or essay.

The same is true after school. Athletes warm up for practices and games, with music blaring throughout the gym or field house as they prepare to defeat their opponents.

Each person has at least one specific song that they use to get pumped up, whether it be for competitions or tests. To further investigate, this week we asked Red Devil Nation: “What’s your hype song?”

“Oh my gosh. There’s so many,” said Mr. Christopher Wilbur, social studies teacher. “Can I only pick one?”

After debating back and forth for a few minutes, Mr. Wilbur finally settled on “Yes Please” by Muse, an English rock band. He wasn’t alone in his struggle though. Many others found it hard to choose one specific song, and instead they found themselves talking about entire genres.

“I normally listen to pop music, like the dance kind, to get pumped up,” said Maha Hussein, junior. “I guess if I can dance to [a song] or sing along, it gets me hyped up.”

There’s so many different songs and artists today that many people have to spend a few minutes rifling through their music library before they can pick their hype song. However, some people were able to pinpoint a song within seconds.

“I think [my hype song] is probably ‘Genghis Khan’ by Miike Snow,” said Eric Chang, senior, almost right away.

After talking to many members of Red Devil Nation, we compiled an eclectic list of everyone’s go-to hype songs in one playlist. From fast-paced dance music to slower feel-good songs that invoke nostalgia, it gives insight to what makes teachers and fellow students get excited about the day.

If you ever need some motivation, you can check the playlist out here. Also, it’s a collaborative playlist, so if you weren’t interviewed, feel free to add the songs you use to get pumped up through your Spotify account.