Students get the chance to see Chicago favorite


Lily Podracky

Many students attended the Magnificent concert hosted by Chance the Rapper on Sept. 24.

A baseball stadium, 12 famed performers, 48,000 devoted fans, and over priced merchandise–all in one night in Chicago. On Sept. 24, The Magnificent Coloring Day music festival began at 1 p.m., hosted by Chicagoan, Chance the Rapper.

The all day festival was held at the U.S Cellular Field and it marked the first concert the stadium has hosted in 13 years. Chance, being from South Chicago, chose the location.

Fans poured into the stadium around 12 p.m. and included groups of different ethnicities and ages.

The concert kicked off with a performance from the band, Francis and the Lights, followed by Tyler the Creator. Shortly after Tyler performed a Kanye West song began to play. And then the big surprise is revealed as Kanye makes his way onto the stage. 

“Kanye came out of nowhere,” said Skylar Smith, sophomore. “Then people started jumping over fences and [portable restrooms] into the pit for Kanye, it got crazy.”

Chance the Rapper performs an encore after the crowd cheered for more.
Michelle Hoisova
Chance the Rapper performs an encore after the crowd cheered for more.

After the spontaneous, short performance of Kanye, the lineup continued. From Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz to Alicia Keys and John Legend, all leading to Chance’s performance. 

“He was so amazing and I’m so glad that I was able to be so close to him and to see how much he cares about his hometown and his origins,” said Michelle Hoisova, junior.

His performance and lyrics to his rap songs gave the crowd a message. He concluded his message and performance with a repetition of  “But your blessings are coming”.

When his performance came to end, the crowd still remained hoping for more. Chance did in fact perform an encore. 

“The concert overall was so amazing,” Hoisova said. “[It was] life changing to experience something so amazing.”

The concert included exciting lighting and entertainers.
Lily Podracky
The concert included exciting lighting and entertainers.