Save the date, a different spin


Emily Goggin

The September show Save the Date premiered Sept. 7.

Central’s September play Save The Date, which ran from Sept. 7 to 9, was vastly different from previous productions in its creation. The play was labeled as “variety theatre,” a production that is not strictly a play or musical.

Emily Goggin

Mr. Paul Woods, director of the play, has been directing Central’s plays for the last 15 years. Mr. Woods chose Save the Date for the September play to suit the talent pool and time restraints on the production. The script and roles were created by Mr. Woods and the casts.

“We allowed people to play into their strengths. If they were good at comedy they would do comedy, good at singing they would sing,” Mr. Woods said.

Emily Goggin

Reagan Brownell, senior, played the role of Madison, a bridesmaid. Brownell is no stranger to Central productions, as this is her fourth show she’s acted in. However, Brownell said the experience of creating everything in a production was new to her. 

Typically, the drama department puts on well-known plays that have little room for adaptation. This year, students were able to contribute their own ideas on how to shape the production, whether it was the set, the music, or the script.

“Cast members were able to recommend scenes and songs that we felt could add to the piece, which gave it a really personal feel,” said Kaitlyn Phillips, senior.