Freshman play tackles social issues

Though this shows subject matter is very intense, students and faculty members still look forward to the message it will spread.

Courtesy of Hinsdale Central Drama Group

Though this show’s subject matter is very intense, students and faculty members still look forward to the message it will spread.

On Thursday, Oct. 5, the Hinsdale Central Drama Group will put on the annual freshman play. This year’s play is titled “Divided We Fall.”  

The play has garnered both attention and scrutiny because of its topic. “Divided We Fall” discusses serious issues like suicide and bullying in the context of a modern high school. The subject matter has drawn comparisons to the popular Netflix show “13 Reasons Why,” which dealt with similar issues.

Although “13 Reasons Why” has been widely viewed and is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, it has also drawn criticism from psychologists and mental health professionals with the show’s depiction of suicide and the negative portrayal of school counselors and other resources.

Before the play, the Social Work department will play a video detailing the extensive resources that Central offers to any student who might need emotional or physical support.

“The video before the play acknowledges that everyone experiences hardship at times in their life,” said Ms. Margaret Buoy, social worker. “It highlights the fact that that the topics discussed throughout the play are very real for many high school students everywhere. The video introduces the six social workers in the school and how to contact them.”

This year’s freshman play has taken a departure from past years in that the subject of the play is serious and grave. This has caused some students to raise some concerns, as freshmen have only been in high school for a couple months and are 14 and 15 year olds grappling with a morbid topic.

“I think as long as all of the students in the play understand the seriousness of the topic, they should be fine,” said Jake Cook, senior. “The actors in the play are all pretty young but I’m sure the teachers will do a good job of making sure the play is done responsibly.”  

One of the biggest problems with depression is that it is often viewed as taboo to talk about in society, which is one of the reasons why the Social Work department decided to create a video.

We want students to know that they are not alone in whatever hardship they may be facing,” Buoy said. “This is a step to creating a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging students to feel comfortable and safe reaching out to an adult in the building.”

Despite the serious subject matter, freshmen students are still excited to support their class and attend the play.

“I’ll try to go to the freshman play because I know a couple people in the play and it’s a big deal for them,” said David Bynan, freshman. “I think it’s good they are trying to bring this issue more into the open.”