Band students enter end-of-year frenzy


Abby Stockmal

On Thursday, May 3, band students kicked off a month full of performances with two spring band concerts at 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. Out of all of band’s six performances this May, the spring concerts were the last performances in a professional, concert-hall-like venue in the auditorium.

The end of the year always brings a surplus of stress against the backdrop of increasingly beautiful weather and summer activities. Some students may idolize and admire the student-athletes balancing finals with state championships or the students devoting hours every night in an attempt to prepare for the seven AP tests they signed up for. However, there is one group of students whose taxing schedule and demanding responsibilities during this time of year are often overlooked: band students.

Although the band is always hard at work preparing and rehearsing for their numerous concerts, performances, and parades that take place throughout the year, the end of April and the month of May can be particularly grueling.

Within these next four weeks that are left of the school year, the band has six performances, compared to their average of two concerts per quarter.

On Thursday, May 3, there are two spring band concerts. Then, on Wednesday, May 9, they have a concert celebrating retiring elementary school band director Mrs. Nancy Golden, followed by the Music Awards Concert the following Thursday. Afterward, band members will perform at senior graduation on Thursday, May 24 and then march in the Hinsdale Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 28.

“I think this upcoming month is a lot more busy just because everyone is so involved with stuff,” said Elisabeth Bieber, junior drum major. “On top of the band concerts we have all the testing going on, like AP testing and finals, so when they coincide like this it can be a lot more stressful.”

Abby Stockmal
Band has already begun celebrating the end of the year and cherishing their final moments with senior students by projecting a slideshow of pictures of all the seniors in band at the spring concerts on Thursday, May 3.

As a result of the numerous performances occurring in May, students have had to prepare more music than usual as well. Each of the four bands has prepared between two to three pieces of music for the spring concerts, another piece for the Music Awards Concert, two pieces for graduation, and then three more pieces for Memorial Day Parade.

“It’s very tiring balancing [all our music],” said Piper Huffman, junior wind ensemble member. “Spending time rehearsing music to get it perfect is challenging in the first place, but adding five extra pieces makes [this month] crazy.”

To prepare for this final frenzy, students have been rehearsing and running through their concert music with guest musicians who visit every Tuesday, as well as with band directors Mr. Matt Goeke and Mr. Matt Kurinsky. In addition to running through their concert music, students will practice marching outside near the baseball fields for the Memorial Day Parade.

Practice for all of the May events began in February. 

“I think that everyone is well prepared and I’m looking forward to finishing the year off strong,” said Jared Levine, sophomore wind ensemble member.

Despite what May brings to the Music Department, many music students said they cherish these final moments and sentimentalize all of the experiences that band has brought them this year. At the spring concerts on Thursday, May 3, there was a slideshow presented to document and celebrate band members of the senior class throughout all four years of their time in the band.

“I’m very excited to play at the spring concert, and to hear what the other bands have been working on, but I am really dreading graduation because we will have to say goodbye to our seniors, who I am very close with,” Huffman said.

If interested in attending one of the performances to see band students’ hard work paying off, the next concert is the Music Awards Concert on Thursday, May 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the gym.