Band students perform in Winter Concert


Marelena Halikias

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, two band concerts were held in the auditorium. The first concert consisted of performances by Concert Band and Symphonic Band, while the second concert was performed by Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony.

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, band members performed in the auditorium for their annual Winter Concert. Students took the time to practice daily, in the morning, and during their band period, in order to perform not only for their peers but for their parents as well.

The band department held the concert to showcase everything the students have been working on since their last performance that took place right before winter break.

Marelena Halikias
Wind Ensemble is the most advanced of the four bands, playing pieces ranging from classical music to modern renditions.

“[The concert] went pretty well. It was smooth and fun to listen to what the other band worked on since we are all split up. It’s interesting to hear what others are doing,” said Ayushi Singhal, senior.

The students are split up into multiple bands, ranging from Concert Band to Wind Symphony, and each band performs a series of different songs. The students in band tend to enjoy practicing and rehearsing because its a way to show off their talents that not a lot of people have time for.

“People that are interested in music because it’s a way to express their talents. We have concerts during occasions in the seasons. I practiced during school days and after school, and we usually practice on the stage,” said Maxwell Mayer, freshman.

Not only is it enjoyable for the students to show off their talents, but band also serves as a way for students to connect to other students that have similar musical talents and interests.

“We have a concert once or twice a semester. In band, you can make friends and it’s something to do. It’s nice to have a hobby and to prepare. We usually practice our instruments and notes as well as listening to other music in order to improve,” said Angelina LaRocco, freshmen.