The National Art Honors Society continues making art remotely


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The National Art Honor Society recently held a chalk event outside to get members together safely.

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) held their first informational meeting. The club has been holding meetings every week and suggesting ways to continue under the circumstances. NAHS is a club for dedicated artists, and with the help of Laura Milas, the club sponsor, they were able to maintain their creative ways in quarantine.

Although the idea of “normal” has changed significantly since March, many students have had to reshape their artistic routine in order to keep up with their work and stay productive.

 “It’s been quite interesting to find inspiration and motivation while stuck at home,” said Samara Jaquez, a senior member of NAHS. “I had to force myself to draw different parts of my house, such as my bedroom, and backyard. I would also force myself to draw anything, even if I felt unmotivated.” 

 Like almost all HCHS activities, this art club has been communicating and sharing their work via Zoom. 

 “Creative people can adapt and see the good in a new situation.  Teaching art, virtually, has been a new challenge,” Milas said. 

Milas also said that the club is focused on taking their artwork outside. For example, they recently had a “Chalk It Out” event. This event was an opportunity for students to draw with chalk, and create work that would uplift other students and staff. According to Milas, they decided to put in place an outdoor session at a local forest preserve which was held to replicate the in person events pre-quarantine. This gathering was a chance for everyone to come together and paint outside, while also practicing social distancing. 

The National Art Honors Society is a way to explore one’s creative side. In order to be a member, students must have at least two semesters of art class. For more information, contact the sponsor, Laura Milas.