“Emily in Paris”: amusant ou ringarde?


Courtesy of Netflix

Emily takes a selfie in her new apartment in Paris to show off the view to her Instagram followers.

The new show “Emily in Paris” came out on Netflix Oct. 2. This show is a lighthearted comedy-drama about a girl whose marketing job based in Chicago transfers her to a Paris office, but with a fun twist: she doesn’t speak any French. Emily struggles with making friends, understanding French culture, and fitting into a seemingly different world. 

While the show has become quite popular among women across the country, it has been a guilty pleasure of some men too. Who doesn’t love a little Parisian drama? 

The storyline was cute and overall entertaining; however, the show has received criticism for making generalizations on both French and American culture. While this is evident throughout the first season, everything seemed to be lighthearted and in good fun.

“It’s very stereotypical and there’s a lot of cliches, but since they weren’t necessarily bashing anyone’s culture, I didn’t take it too offensively,” said Lana Elzein, senior.

If you’re looking for a little amusement, “Emily in Paris” is the way to go. However, the show does seem to fall in the very same category that Emily herself was struggling to not be in throughout the first season: basic. The storyline was cute, but far from unique, and any French citizen would most likely cringe often throughout. The acting was decent, but almost all conversations were in English which sometimes seemed unrealistic. 

“Even though it was kind of cliche I was obsessed with it…especially because Emily was from Chicago…[she] was basically living the dream life so even though I expected more from the acting and the storyline I still watched it,” Elzein said.

Emily and Camille sitting in Gabriel’s (Camille’s boyfriend) restaurant discussing Emily helping with marketing the wine at Camille’s parents vineyard. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Others have questioned the show’s appropriateness. While it was definitely for mature audiences, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was inappropriate. It was rated TV-MA and that was accurate, but everything fit in with the storyline and was somewhat necessary as the storyline evolved. It wasn’t unnecessarily vulgar. 

“I don’t think it was really inappropriate. It just showed what the normal life of a fashion worker would be in Paris, going in-depth even with her personal and love life,” said Matilde Camplone, senior. 

Additionally, I commend the show for embracing modern culture with its use of social media throughout by making Emily an influencer. This made it more relatable for young audiences. It almost felt as if it could have been any of us. The TikToker @karinalbertovna even recreated many of the scenes at the venues shown in the show. Many have commented that she is the real-life “Emily in Paris.”  

The show was also beneficial for viewers learning French. A large portion of the audience seemed to have some level of understanding whether they took it in the past or are currently in a class at Central. I found that, as an French student at Central, it was fun to understand bits and pieces of things others wouldn’t necessarily pick up. 

“I take French with Madame [Jennifer] Cummings, and I actually understood a lot of what they were saying,” Elzein said.

While knowing French is certainly not necessary to enjoy the show, it can add a little bit of extra fun if one does. 

Overall the show was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone I have talked to, including myself.

“This show is so lighthearted and that’s what I love about it. I love fashion and that culture; one of my favorite movies was ‘Devil Wears Prada’ and this gives me that same vibe,” said Ms. Elizabeth Walker, physical education teacher. 

Most people enjoyed the show enough to both watch the next season when it comes out and recommend it to a friend. I would too. Overall I give it four out of five stars. If you are looking for a lighthearted show to make you laugh and maybe teach you a little about French culture, check out “Emily in Paris” now on Netflix.