Join Film Club in room 246 on Monday evenings


Amanda McLaughlin

Film club meets on Monday evenings in room 246 to watch and discuss movies with each other.

Jim DiDomenico’s room is filled with movie posters and merchandise. (Amanda McLaughlin)

Film Club meets every Monday after school in room 246 to discuss films with peers who also enjoy movies. The club has been around since around 2009 when the idea was brought to Robert Russo, history teacher. Today, the Film Club is sponsored by Jim DiDomenico who became the sponsor about ten years ago. 

Since the start, the club has taken many different approaches towards the structure of the meetings but they have now settled on a way that works. Students open the meeting by suggesting movies, which is followed by a discussion and analysis of the given week’s movie. Lastly, the group votes on which movie to watch next. 

“During meetings, we have a set movie that we’re supposed to watch during the week, so when we meet we have something to talk about,” said Tyler Gonzalaz, senior.

Film Club is a year-round club that meets once a week. Students frequently pop in and out of meetings as sports and other obligations permit. 

“I try to maintain a low key, easygoing vibe to the club, where students can pop in and out as their schedules allow,” DiDomenico said.

Many of the members in the club are heavily interested in films and the filmmaking process, but others simply enjoy sitting back and watching any movie to talk about later. 

“I’m trying to be a screenwriter and director as a job so this also was a good start to learning about different techniques and ideas that work well in films,” Gonzalaz said. 

Movies are piled up in room 246. (Amanda McLaughlin)

Discussions revolving around each movie vary from surface level comments such as thinking it was funny to debriefing the societal message of the film to the techniques the producer utilizes. Therefore, anyone willing to watch a movie in their free time would be able to add to the discussion. 

“I discovered that I love Quentin Tarantino movies like “Inglorious Bastards,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and “Pulp Fiction,’” said Lily Jackson, senior.

The groups’ discussions allows them to unravel different aspects of movies that they were perhaps unaware of before. For more information about Film Club contact Jim DiDomenico or Simrah Qasim.