Di Nico’s Pizza offers good food for a good price


Directly in the center of the bustling Lagrange Road sits a classic pizzeria with a modern twist.  At first glance, Di Nico’s Pizza is just an average town pizza joint, but the layout and design of the restaurant gives off a more modernistic and innovative feel.  The classic beige wallpaper on the near side contrasts the modern marble tables and the mirror-lined far side.

The smell of fresh baked pizza crust and salty bar food permeated the entrance and sitting area.  The electronic overhead menu illuminates the area with the reasonable prices and a large spectrum of foods, ranging from the many types of pizza with any of assortment of toppings, to bar food favorites like hot wings and potato skins. For a healthier option, salads can be ordered, but the pizza is what definitely steals the show.

After ordering from the surprisingly charming staff and grabbing the offensively small fountain drink cup, the two HD TVs provide some pre meal entertainment if you don’t want to engage your date in conversation, or if you’re there alone.

If ordering just a slice or two of pizza, the staff gives you the pizza, which waits in a warming tray, right away, allowing you to dig in. If ordering something else, the wait time is short and the food comes out hot.

The pizza is thin crust, but maintains a good structure and doesn’t fall apart while eating. The ratio of sauce to cheese is perfect, providing for a very satisfying, yet salty taste of the comically large slices.

The fries weren’t overly salty or spiced and achieved just the perfect amount of crunch needed for a great serving of the classic American fare. The cheese sauce on the other hand, was an excuse for a sauce with large chunks of some unknown substance floating freely in the small plastic cup.  The cheese sauce made for a rare disappointment in an overall pleasant experience.

The mild Buffalo wings were not overpowering with spice but had a nice sweet tang that makes a 12 piece portion seem inadequate.

Overall, the food along with the very fair pricing makes Di Nico’s Pizza a top choice when looking for a nice restaurant to enjoy classic Italian pizza in a modern and relaxing setting.  Next time you stop by La Grange, don’t hesitate to drop in, just remember to avoid the cheese sauce and leave your large bills at home.