Wellness Week Food: The wonderful and the not so wonderful


Monday I walked into the cafeteria and I was pleasantly surprised to find free samples amidst a table of festive fall table setting. After all the way to any teenager’s heart is free food. These samples were courtesy of Quest and were a part of wellness week. In other words, these samples were healthy. No need to worry though because they were (mostly) incredibly delicious.

Here is a break down a few of the most memorable dishes.

Monday: Applesauce-Granola Parfait.

Normally I don’t like applesauce as I find the consistency too smooth and it reminds me of baby food. However, by layering it the applesauce with a dollop of whipped cream and some granola, the applesauce looked absolutely delectable. The consistency of the whipped cream complemented the applesauce well and the crunch from the granola brought it all together perfectly. So although it looked a little better than it tasted (I thought it was pudding at first), it was a great addition to my lunch.

Tuesday: Tomato Soup

Freezing cold, I walked into lunch Tuesday to find a simmering pot of tomato soup. I decided to pair my soup with some fried onions to add a nice crunch. There were also a variety of other possible toppings, leading the soup to be a fun little cooking experiment. The soup itself tasted creamy and fresh, and it was the perfect way to warm up a bit. This was definitely my favorite sample.

Wednesday: Turkey Meatballs

Yesterday I tried a turkey meatball from the sample line. It wasn’t my favorite though because I found the meatball a bit too saucy and the consistency of the meat was kind of chewy.

Thursday: Chicken Wrap

Today I tried a chicken wrap with sweet yet tangy chili sauce. This was another great sample because the chili sauce perfectly counteracted the chicken. Also, the vegetables in the sauce added a nice burst of freshness and crunch to the wrap. My only disappointment with it was that it was a tad bit mess. I’d love to have this kind of wrap as an actual meal one day though.

I’m looking forward to seeing what samples are in store tomorrow!