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Student band Undefined plays with success

While most people their age only take music as a personal hobby, four students have managed to take it to the next level. Val Yager, sophomore guitarist and singer; Alex Yager, junior and keyboard player; Nina Demirjian, sophomore and bassist; and Samantha Marsteller, senior at Downers Grove North High School and drummer, all play together as the band Undefined.

“Alex and I started playing together in sixth grade, where she would play the piano and I would play the guitar,” Val Yager said.

“One day Val came up to me and asked me if I wanted to play either drums or bass with them in a band, so I ended up learning the bass for the band,” Demirjian said.

From there, they sought out a drummer by attending a program called “Garage Band U,” a program that focused on helping musicians find others to play with. From there they found Marsteller who would take up the role as the band’s drummer.

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“I actually had no knowledge of them playing, but I was in a band before this. That went horribly,” Marsteller said. “My drum teacher suggested this program which is where I met them, and it worked out from there.”

“Our sound is kind of a mix of pop and rock because half the band is into a lot of pop and the other half likes rock,” Alex Yager said. “Most of what we sound like just comes from what sounds good to us.”

Two years since their formation, Undefined has managed to gain a considerable fan-base, write numerous songs , win a round in a “Battle of the Bands” competition and perform at various venues such as Taste of Westmont, the Downers Grove North High School radio station, and Downers Grove Fest.

“Downers Grove Fest was a big deal because that was our first gig that we got paid for, and the crowd was about 100 people,” said Val Yager.

For the future, Undefined plans on recording some of their material as well as performing at bigger venues.

“This summer, we want to play at ‘Six Flags’,” Val Yager said. “They let a bunch of different bands play there, so our plan is to email one of the people who works there, try out, and hopefully perform there.”

More than just playing at venues, Undefined hopes to record some songs here and there to gain even more publicity.

“We’re currently working on a five song set that we just started to work on recently,” Demirjian said. “We’ve wanted to record for a while now as it’s something we’ve always wanted to do, so hopefully that will be finished sometime in the near future.”

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