Students gain followers with Instagram and Twitter

Alex Otto, junior, scrolls through numerous photos and videos while brainstorming ideas for her new Instagram post. Browsing through old soccer photos, she thinks of funny memories from soccer practice.  Sometimes she uses photos other people have posted, but most of the time she creates her own original photos.  After creating her idea, she takes a photo of her shin guard tan.  Minutes after posting the picture, she gains several followers, adding to her over 1,200 followers.

Otto created her first Instagram account when she saw her sister’s account.  She then started using her sister’s separate account and since then has called it her own.

Julie Kanter, senior, has over 10,000 followers on her Twitter account.  It is an anonymous Twitter account.  “After I had my original Twitter, I realized that I really liked tweeting, but didn’t think that people at my school necessarily wanted to hear all of my tweets.  So I thought if I picked a theme, it would be a nice way for me to keep it going,” Kanter said.

Kanter said that her Twitter account is very opposite from her personality, which makes it hard for other people to figure out.  She believes no one at Central is following her or knows of the account.

The inspirations for their posts come from daily life and events that happen to them that fit the theme of their account. “Regular things that happen at soccer are my inspirations, or just soccer in general,” Otto said.  Kanter’s twitter is based around humorous events that happen to her during the day.  “A lot of what I tweet is inspired from things that me and my friends will talk about or what happened to me during the day, and I’ll just take a different twist on it,” Kanter said.  Through their inspiration, Otto and Kanter are able to create interesting and creative posts for their followers.

As their Twitter and Instagram accounts keep progressing, they wait to see what will happen to it in the future. “I’d like to keep tweeting but I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if its reached its peak and fizzles out.  I mean, I’ll keep doing it as long as people keep enjoying it, but I’m not going to keep holding on,” Kanter said.

People who have Instagrams and Twitters often struggle for their fame.  It takes time to build up so many followers and then many more people will start hearing about the account.  Kanter believes she just got lucky when somebody famous followed her on twitter.  She thinks that this helped her gain the amount of followers she has today.  As for Otto, she said, “I just post relatable and funny things almost every day. More and more people like and follow.”